Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Mark’s Icebucket Challenge!


Mark’s Icebucket Challenge!

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Not much I can say about this!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Review Of The New Yorker (1-year auto-renewal)

After I Buy The New Yorker (1-year auto-renewal)

you might get a better deal by calling The New Yorker subsciption office directly: 800-825-2510. My mailed renewal notice price was $89.95/2 years, but they offered me $50/2 years when I called and spoke to a CSR.

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Review Of National Geographic Traveler

After I Buy National Geographic Traveler

I have subscribed to National Geographic Traveler for almost a year and find it fairly enjoyable. The destinations are good, the photos are good and the articles are good. But also nothing to knock your socks off.

Why only four stars and not five? The magazine doesn't wow me very often and I have found that most of the articles focus on white bread middle to upper class Americans. I am not the sort of traveler who is going to be staying in $350 a night room when I go to Bali. The do have budget conscious or "nitty gritty" tours/hotels/destinations etc but there are fewer of those than luxury tours/hotels/destinations.

They also occasionally focus on trips that are a bit too exotic and remote. What are the odds that I will decide to scale K2, Kayak 28 days in the Arctic Circle or run a marathon in the Sahara Desert? The articles are okay to read but not in depth enough to be educational nor practical enough to go to. They do nothing but peak your curiosity a tad and then you move on.

So for me the magazine is only a 4 out of five stars. Will I renew my subscription, yes. Its a good magazine, but if your looking for something with just as good destinations, articles and photos with a bit less posh and unattainable, scope out the aptly names Budget Travel. If you have the money to burn when you travel and enjoy reading about other peoples extreme adventures this magazine will be perfect.

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Review Of Passport [Print + Kindle]

After I Buy Passport [Print + Kindle]

I wouldn't recommend this for someone without money, like me when I first started subscribing to this magazine. You are shown these amazing places and can't think of anything but being there yourself. but I went back to some old issues before traveliing to Europe a few weeks ago and some of their tips helped to enhance what was already a wonderful trip. I'm resubscribing to help get inspired for my next trip

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